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This audio recording of the New Heart English Bible was made by PublicDomainAudioBibles.com using a licensed high quality text to speech engine and placed into the public domain in 2018. This narration uses a male voice with an American accent. It can be used without restriction.
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The New Heart English Bible is a public domain modern English update of the American Standard Version that incorporates research into the Dead Sea Scrolls, Septuagint, Syriac, and other biblical manuscripts. The publisher has restored over 1400 words they believe dropped out of the text accidentally during the era of hand copying. More information on the NHEB translation is available from the publisher at nheb.net

The text is available here in PDF format.
NHEB PDF download 7mb
and on several popular Bible study apps.(MySword Bible)

New Heart English Bible - zip files complete.

Public Domain Recording - Male Voice USA accent    Legal Disclaimer

NHEB text in PDF download 7mb

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New Heart English Bible complete NT audio mp3 files
NHEB_NT_audio.zip 250mb
Entire NT now available release 1.7 on 4/30/2020

New Heart English Bible complete OT audio mp3 files
NHEB_OT_audio.zip 850mb
100% of the OT - release 1.7 on 4/30/2020

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